Angel - An Anthology
Mercury  (1992)
Hard Rock

In Collection

CD    20 tracks  (76:34) 
   01   Angel (Theme)             01:34
   02   Tower             06:56
   03   On & On             04:19
   04   Rock & Rollers             03:59
   05   Feelin' Right             04:42
   06   Any Way You Want It             02:31
   07   Can You Feel It             04:42
   08   White Lightning             04:39
   09   Don't Leave Me Lonely             04:00
   10   Aint' Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore             02:51
   11   Got Love If You Want It             04:28
   12   Flying With Broken Wings (Without You)             03:32
   13   The Winter Song             03:49
   14   Don't Take Your Love             03:31
   15   Bad Time             03:41
   16   Walk Away Renee             02:55
   17   I'll Never Fall In Love Again             03:33
   18   Wild And Hot             03:00
   19   20th Century Foxes             03:48
   20   The Christmas Song             04:04
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
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Cat. Number 512431-2
UPC (Barcode) 7314512431-2
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Vocals Frank Dimino
Guitar Punky Meadows
Keyboards Gregg Giuffria
Bass Felix Robinson
Drums Barry Brandt
Producer Derek Lawrence; Eddie Kramer; Eddie Leonetti
For a band who materialized on-stage Star Trek-style and did all they could to exploit their heavenly image, it's a wonder Angel didn't break through to a larger number of those rock fantasy-loving fans Kiss monopolized during the latter half of the '70s. Angel's problem might have been bad timing: had the band emerged during the spandex-metal heyday of the '80s, they probably would have achieved enormous success with their glossy brand of metal, chaste and androgyny, and salon-issue locks. So, instead of countless comebacks and costume refittings, Angel dematerialize gracefully with this career anthology. Sampling each of the band's six studio releases, the 20-track collection includes a good chunk from the fan-favorite White Hot album, a balanced mix of rockers and bubblegum pop, and a few over-the-top covers (the Four Tops' "Walk Away Renee"). Curious listeners need not venture any further than this.