Van Halen - South American Assault
Metal Maniacs  (1983)
Hard Rock

In Collection

CD    24 tracks  (114:07) 
2.5.83 Disc 1  (71:50)
   01   Romeo Delight             01:32
   02   Unchained             07:01
   03   The Full Bug             03:46
   04   Runnin' With The Devil             05:20
   05   Jamie's Cryin'             03:55
   06   Little Guitars             04:37
   07   Bass Solo             04:39
   08   Where Have All The Good Times Gone             03:07
   09   Dancin' In The Streets             02:47
   10   Little Dreamer             03:31
   11   So This Is Love             06:32
   12   Secrets             03:27
   13   Drums/Everybody Wants Some             07:31
   14   Dance The Night Away             03:12
   15   Somebody Get Me A Doctor             10:53
   01               09:40
   02               02:53
   03               02:40
   04               08:27
   05               06:12
   06               03:26
   07               03:12
   08               02:21
   09               03:26
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number Metal Maniacs
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Vocals David Lee Roth
Guitar Eddie Van Halen
Bass Michael Anthony
Drums Alex Van Halen
Producer -
Disc One/Disc Two 1-5 Montevideo, South America Uruguay 2/5/83 Disc Two 6-9 US Festival 83

Disc One and the first five tracks of Disc Two are from the South American show done in Montevideo, Uruguay on 2/5/83.
The front cover has a picture of Dave and Eddie on it. Eddie has his Les Paul and is leaning against Dave who is putting his hands behind his head. Dave doesn't have a shirt on and he had two bandannas around his neck.
The Back cover has the tracks listed on the left in white lettering. There is a picture of Dave standing in front of a crowd raising his hand. In the upper right hand corner is a big red capital M, with the words Metal Maniacs underneath it.
There are no pictures on the inside covers. Both discs are black with silver lettering. Disc One has MM009 in silver lettering at the top and Disc Two has MM010. Each disc has Compact Disc Digital Audio at the bottom.
The Montevideo recording fades out in a couple of spots throughout the recording. The first track, Romeo Delight, is a little rough and then it smoothes out.
Dave does a lot of rapping with the audience in this show. It is all in Spanish which the crowd LOVES. In Unchained he has a long couple of sentences with the crowd. Alex's has a small drum solo right at the end of Unchained in which the crowd really gets into.
Mikey sings a line or two in Runnin' with the Devil for Dave. The recording screws up in the beginning of RWTD but smoothes out.
Jamie's Cryin' starts off in a mono sound and then goes into stereo. It fluctuates in and out periodically throughout the song.
Little Guitars sounds great and is perfect almost to the cover!
Mikey's solo has a bunch of psychedelic sound in the beginning. It is a fairly long solo and he uses all of his effects and pedals in this one. His solo provides a smooth transition into Where Have All The Good Times Gone.
Eddie's intro and guitar in Dancin' In The Streets are flawless!
Dave's vocals in Little Dreamer and So This Is Love sound fabulous.
Eddie plays Cathedral after So This Is Love. The end of Cathedral is a nice transition into Secrets.
"Somebody Get Me A Doctor" includes "I'm So Glad".
The song Summertime Blues has a nice bluesy solo from Eddie at the end. This is the same Summertime Blues that is on Disc III of The Unreleased. However The Unreleased recording doesn't have the bluesy solo on it. The Heartbreak Hotel recording is identical to that on Disc III of The Unreleased also.
Before the track ends on Summertime Blues, Dave brings out his acoustic for the crowd. He strums a few chords on the acoustic and begins to sing, "Oh Montevideo, que bueno" to the crowd. He also includes phrases like, "Montevideo es numero uno!" and, "Montevideo es numero uno en futbol!" He sings this basic song for a few minutes and once he ends the whole crowd continues the chorus themselves. Dave then jumps right into Ice Cream Man.
The particular recording of Intruder on this show is one of the best live versions that has ever been have heard. The band appear to just about to go into Pretty Woman when it cuts out and Eddie's solo starts. He has a couple of long riffs of the Mean Street intro. (with some wicked licks thrown in) in the beginning of his solo.
Eddie plays a little bit of Cathedral in the song Ain't Talking Bout Love. Dave also has a long Spanish rap with the crowd during this song.
Tracks 6-9 on Disc 2 are identical to those on California Calling, Listen to This Jimmy. Tracks 8 & 9 have the part where Dave calls to Alex and they all sing the acappella "Happy Trails" and then finish the rest of "You Really Got Me".
The set is fairly identical to California Calling, however this recording has a few rare songs like Summertime Blues and Heartbreak Hotel on it. These are the same recordings that are on Disc III of The Unreleased (Tracks 6 and 7). There are several spots where the recording fades in and out but overall it is a great set. Dave's lyrics/voice sound great and Ed's chops are on 100%. The band is well tuned on this tour and this is a great set with a lot of Eddie's "Classic Solos/Riffs". This show is a must have for Dave Fanatics and for the collector!