Sting - Brand New Day
A&M  (1999)

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CD    11 tracks  (60:42) 
   01   A Thousand Years             05:57
   02   Desert Rose (Featuring Cheb Mami)             04:45
   03   Big Lie Small World             05:05
   04   After The Rain Has Fallen             05:03
   05   Perfect Love... Gone Wrong             05:25
   06   Tomorrow We'll See             04:48
   07   Prelude To The End Of The Game             00:20
   08   Fill Her Up             05:38
   09   Ghost Story             05:29
   10   Brand New Day             08:52
   11   (Data Track)             09:20
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number 490451-2
UPC (Barcode) 606949045128
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Producer Kipper; Sting
Sting: Vocals, Bass, Vg-8 Guitar synth, Bv's\nKipper: Keyboards, Drum programming\nDominic Miller: Guitars\nManu Katche: Drums\nVinnie Colaiuta: Drums\nJason Robello: Piano, Clavinet\nStevie Wonder: Harmonica\nJames Taylor: Vocal\nCheb Mami: Vocal\nBranford Marsalis: Clarinet\nMino Cinelu: Percussion\nDave Hartley: String Arranger/Conductor ("Tomorrow We'll See", "Big Lie Small World"), Hammond Organ\nB.J. Cole: Pedal Steel Guitar\nKatherine Tickell: Northumbrian Pipes and Fiddle\nDon Blackman: Hammond Organ\nChris Botti: Trumpet\nSté: Vocal\nGavyn Wright: String Leader ("Tomorrow We'll See", "Big Lie Small World")\nJoe Mendez: Backing Vocals\nJanice Pendarvis: Backing Vocals\nAlthea Rodgers: Backing Vocals\nMarlon Saunders: Backing Vocals\nVeneese Thomas: Backing Vocals\nDarryl Tookes: Backing Vocals\nKen Williams: Backing Vocals\nTawatha Agee: Backing Vocals\nDennis Collins: Backing Vocals\nEttamri Mustapha: Darbouka\nFarhat Bouallagui: String Arrangement ("Dessert Rose") Conductor/Leader\nMoulay Ahmed: String Player\nKouider Berkan: String Player\nSalem Bnouni: String Player\nSameh Catalan: String Player\n\nProduced by Sting and Kipper\n\nYEAR: 1999